Reviews for "Escape from Helltowers"


Woah, the graphical intensity in this game is pretty amazing, all graphics three dimensional and smoothly moving, it's a challenge getting through, though I was a bit dissapointed to realize that I had almost been at the verge of completion a few times already when I finally started getting the hang of those zapper routes and making my way to the C4 without losing any of my health, wish it had gone on from there, and I hope you will be making a sequell to the series, sound effects were good, controls were all easy and the level of challenge constantly rose for each level down underground. Great menu and concept as well, keep it up!

Room for improvement

The game is alright but is missing some key things.
1.An aim control. the drones move too much and an aim control would help.
2.A jump button. I've been stuck countless time in a corner with a drone when there is a ledge next to me that could easily be jumped on to.
A good attempt but very basic.

what the..

the graphics are way too cool for the gameplay.. too easy to die. how are you going to kill those zombies when they walk too fast? eh..

Awsome game, BUT...

My pc is always poping out that CTRL warning window... I can't play the game because of that... Damn...

kind of hard

the graphics are cool and it has a fun story line, its just too easy to die