Reviews for "Escape from Helltowers"

To put this bluntly, it sucks.

I'll be frank. While the graphics are pretty dang good, the game play and storyline suck. You start out with a transmission between two people. okay so far. you cut directly to a man outside of an elevator who has somehow managed to kill a guard (Whoa whoa whoa. We're missing something here. HOW exactly did this man escape? How did he get the gun?) you go to the next screen and kill a guard and some Zombies (Zombies?!) you go around for a while and you see other people who are trapped in some rather strange ways. Namely chained to the wall (???) dungeon style and tied up. (Wait a minute, why the heck are they called 'test subjects' and trapped in these ways, and why the heck are they so close together?) You go up to these people and you want to help them. But no. The guy you're playing as laughs in their face and leaves them to their fate. (I'm making that part up, you just walk by them. WITHOUT ANY WAY TO HELP THEM!) I stopped playing after dying several times (Guards- 8 hits. Zombies- 8 hits. WTF?!) to the Zappers. (4 hits) and each time I was one split second off from killing them. (Now just one dang minute. I understand the Guards being killed in 8 shots. But why do the Zombies (?!?) have 8 shots as well? And the Zappers are too hard to hit to really wipe them out with four shots (If you're lucky) or two with the silver bullets (Seriously?). I was extremely frustrated with the way you DIDN'T INCLUDE A JUMP BUTTON. Of all the things you had to leave out. A JUMP BUTTON! Now I won't pretend and say 'it has potential'. It doesn't. It needs a redo. I suggest you add some story to this, take your time and don't rush it. You cannot make a good game with great graphics without the effort, unless somehow you were to make it by accident. (Don't count on that happening.) I encourage you to try again and doo better. You have potential, not the game.

ZZR responds:

- Is it really necessary to have an exposition or cinematic to explain that he overpowered a guard and got his gun? It already says in the intro, that he's broken free of his restraints and is on the loose. Use your imagination a little.

- Zombies?! Yes, zombies, what's your complaint? Why are they there? Have you ever played the resident evil games? It's an "evil research facility", like umbrella corp. -- they made the zombies. It says in the description that it's an evil research facility. Seriously, I don't get your complaint.

- "why the heck are they called 'test subjects' and trapped in these ways" ..okay, I see that you really lack the imagination to piece it together, but if you played a bit further into the game, you'd see that the test subjects are being experimented on and turned into zombies. Again, even if this wasn't explained, use a small fragment of imagination and you'd get it.

- "Guards- 8 hits. Zombies- 8 hits. WTF?!" But the zombies don't even fight back, and move really slowly. I wanted the experience to be like you had to shoot them multiple times, rapidly. Also, YOU HAVE INFINITE AMMO, just unload on them. If you get the HV or EX ammo, you kill them in 4 or 1 shot, if it's really so hard to shoot infinite ammo.

- "And the Zappers are too hard to hit to really wipe them out with four shots (If you're lucky) or two with the silver bullets (Seriously?)" 2 or 1 hit with HV or EX ammo, which there is alot of btw, laying all throughout the game. If you simply wait till they get to head-level then you CAN'T miss. Meaning you have to time your shots, but by no means is it "too hard." That would be like if they were moving all erratic and in an unpredictable way, no pattern, etc. And in most situations, you can simply walk off the screen and try again if it comes too close.

- No jump button... it's not a game that requires frequent jumping. Look at RE 4 and 5, there is no jump button. It's not a jumping platformer. I didn't design it so that you ever needed to jump, so why would you even want to.

- I think there are valid flaws with it, I won't deny that, but the complaints you made don't hold up.


The concept was a good idea. The graphics were great. The gameplay and idea was stupid.


the best grphics I've ever seen
-1 point because there is no jump button


sorry for rating 2/10 but this game sucks it needs alot of improvements =/

Needs improvement

Configuration sucks, and needs a jump button!