Reviews for "Escape from Helltowers"


alright but difficult.......

Not a bad one

I can tell that a good bit of effort went into this one. The visuals are fantastic, and the gameplay is pretty good. There are 2 things I don't understand. First of all, the main character just strolls along like he owns the place. I personally would have been running my ass off. But that kinda gives him the appearance of being badass. Secondly, the whole damage thing is off. I was shooting an average of 6 headshots per zombie before they went down. Headshots, mind you. 6 of them. Per zombie. See where I'm going with this? It is just a little ridiculous. And you only have to be hit 4 times until you die. Hit by anything, including: gunshots, zombie, and drone. I like this game, it just seems a little off balance.

Its decent

the game has good graphics and a nice story though there are some flaws. Like you die way too easy it takes 4 hits from a zombie but it takes like 5-6 shots from a gun. If that wasnt there then it would be a 10/10 but i give it 8/10

Great game!!!

Great characters graphics and gore.
The controls didn't react sometimes and you die a bit to quickly but beside that, it was a great game!!!


This wasnt a good game at all