Reviews for "Escape from Helltowers"

Not Bad

pretty good game... some minor glitches, cant jump and cant release prisoners... other than that not bad.

For a 1st, it is ok

You die to easily, no health ups, you can't jump, you can't duck, no strategy challenge, zombies need some variation in appearance and abilites.

nothing new

Okay, but all in all pretty unoriginal. Points for cool theme and decent story. You should have left the hostage stuff in.


Woah, the graphical intensity in this game is pretty amazing, all graphics three dimensional and smoothly moving, it's a challenge getting through, though I was a bit dissapointed to realize that I had almost been at the verge of completion a few times already when I finally started getting the hang of those zapper routes and making my way to the C4 without losing any of my health, wish it had gone on from there, and I hope you will be making a sequell to the series, sound effects were good, controls were all easy and the level of challenge constantly rose for each level down underground. Great menu and concept as well, keep it up!


Hehe... Poser

Actually, it's pretty awesome that you got the Poser figures to work in a Flash game. Not that easy to do. It could use checkpoints and more health, among other things.