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Endless War 2

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==Game Updated!==
I added some medkits and armor and fixed bugs with enemies. Old bullets also fly slowlier.
GREAT! FRONT PAGE! Thanks voting! I love you guys!
If the game seems to be too hard, try theese things:
1. In options, turn "Old bullets" option on
2. Use Hand grenades (4) theay can bounce when they hit a wall
3. Use Alt. attacks.
4. Cheat codes form EW1 still work! (press and hold YMP or ZLT or XHI to get SuperShotgun,Minigun or RocketLauncher)

Hi everyone!.
Almost one year passed since I've submitted EndlessWar 1.
But two months ago I decided to make the second part. So, here you'll find another lots of enemies and guns (including Flamethrower and hand grenades). Enjoy!

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・Weapons are plenty.
・This game has 4 Campaigns and 30 Levels.
・This game has a Tutorial in Title menu.
・Can use Alternative Attack. (Such as Burstfire, Mounted Grenade Launcher.)

・Grenade launcher is Overpowered. It can Harm Enemy Through-wall
And can Kill you With One direct Hit.
・Most of the Weapons' firing sounds are same.
(Pistols, Submachine Guns, Assault Rifles, Light Machine Guns, And Sniper Rifle Uses
Same Firing Sound.
Shotguns, Grenade Launcher, And Rocket Launcher uses Different Firing Sound.)

・Medkit(Red cross Box Without Red Circle) ・・・+40 Health
・Large Medkit(Red cross Box With Red Circle)・・・+80 Health
・Small Armor(Looks like Shield)・・・+20 Armor
・Body Armor・・・+40 Armor

・.223= 5.56mm X 45mm NATO
・.308= 7.62 X 51mm NATO
・.50= 12.7 X 99mm NATO (A.K.A. .50 BMG)
・.12= 12 Gauge Shotgun Shell

Cheat code:
・Get super Shotgun: Press Y, M, P At the same time
・Get Minigun: Press Z, L, T At the same time
・Get Rocket launcher Press X, H, I At the same time


the red bold font in the hell mission is very disorienting.

I normally write long, fancy-type reviews, but I need only one word to do this game justice: AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
P.S. Will there be an Endless War 5?! If not, then do you know a quick way of suicide?

BlackFox-of-ITMO responds:

Sure, and it should be finished soon!
Some news: http://blackfox-of-itmo.newgrounds.com/news/post/721150
Gameplay trailer: http://youtu.be/0-dmHBSxF-Q

Dear Vitaly...........

Could you work on a mmo version of endless war series and stuff also if you made the mmo could you make extra guns and swords to buy i wish you could do so PS: I love your game series.