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Reviews for "Endless War 2"

im the first how reviewd it!!!

its great!!
keep making this!!!

I love this "series"

Endless war 1 was awesome and this is just as good. Great game, I love the number of missions that are available. Also, it's great how you need to have some strategy to beat the levels and can't go rushing through.

Well done man.

PS. to the guy that asked about the cheat codes, when you are in the level just hold the 3 letters down for like 1 second and you get that weapon.

i can't stop playing



I had to reveiw because the last guy made the game sound terrible plus he had no idea what he was doing you cant rate any game 10 on everything it doesnt work 10 over all you can do.
Any way...
...Graphics Great kinda cartoony but nothing wrong with that.
Style I have never played annother game with style besides EW1.
Sound I gave it 5 beacasue i dont know if there is sound cause I done use my speakers much.
Violence the game revolves around it.
Interactivivty not really sure what it was but this game deserves 10.
Humour I guess I could make my own jokes but you really are not supposed to laugh at people dieing.
Overall 10 Best game ive played on the Internet.

too easy

already beat it witout cheats