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Reviews for "Endless War 2"


This is my favorite out of the three. Great fun.


The reason im giving you a low score is,
ENDLESS WAR 3 IS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Loved it.

I loved this game, and have played it many times.
i didt rate the sound as my speakers are broken, but in every other area it was very good.
I liked the enemy system of firing on sight.
the weapons were good, the levels were good.
i liked the unique weps u had in it. and the blood campaign was fun.
there was a bug i encountered tho. just a minor thing, but it was awsome.in the level were u start with the gauus riffle, i killed a guy and picked up his avenger minigun. but instead of firing bullets, it fired gauss projectiles!

in short, loved the game, would love a sequal.


before u make endless war 3 how bout an idea how bout u play as arirunits and navy thank bout it not like fump in the vechicle but like u r a boat and the ground is water or heliecopter like a black hawk then the ground can be like air GOOD IDEA EHH![dont blame if some1 already thought this]

even better than the 1st!

a very great game. i like the health packs and the faster bullets. but i was kind of dissapointed when i found out there wsnt more cheats than the first endless war. maybe you could make a endless war 3 and put a cheat to get the nalpalm launcher in it? please?