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Reviews for "Endless War 2"

great game

this is one of the best game that i have ever played


I had just got htrough playing endless war and then i found the second one and you really made the game more interesting

delightfully kickass

well, to be blunt, my good sir.....ALL MY 5 RLY R BLONG 2THIS! the graphics jsut make it fun. the guns kickass. i would have said the only way you could have made it better (a nearly impossible feat which you also did) was to choose your own guns, but you already fuckin did that! holy shit!

I love it

I love it its a timeless game of something thats neverending ( war )
all the games on war are'nt usually getting the perspective...
but like you had operation over lord pretty good in the first one...
once again i love it

It's ok

It's ok. Also you did make a mistake, you made it have mild nudity, and that i don't think should be there. Anyways it's good.