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CU-Thanksgiving Special

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Author Comments

Join us on this Thanksgiving special, as Parks presents his version of the very first Thanksgiving.

Thanks for the awesome reviews! And just wanted to say that we are still making long episodes as well, but wanted to give you guys short episodes inbetween the long ones...Thanks!

Frontpage...Booyah! It's a Thanksgiving Miracle!!!

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It's always great to see Thanksgiving stuff. It's also great that we get to see the main College University characters again. Kung Fu Karl has taken over the series now with his spinoff. Well, the original series doesn't really exist anymore. I still love how lighthearted this is. We can always use more Pilgrims.

It's just funny to see all these pop culture references show up. They even acknowledge that they don't make any sense. What matters is that this is a quaint little cartoon. The animation is pretty good. A little too short, though.

damn funny

damn funny

- BMercer -

- Animation - 4/5
- Story - 4/5


It's Thanksgiving! Heh, a pretty American plot in this one, but I don't mind, it's still hillarious. Great graphics, great animation and a nice conept as well. Filesize is small too. Keep up the good work!


Quite hilarious.

A very funny description of the holiday, and even though I’m a bit late on reviewing this, and actually don’t celebrate it, it tells the story in a humorous way no matter where you are from and what you do celebrate, which is greatly appreciated. Now, visually this is marvelous, easy on the eyes and much more. Simple not over detailed animation and drawings hat suited that state of mind of comedy and a relieved feeling of holiday cheer. The models of the action figures were proportionate and more detailed as they should be, it was interesting all the way through it despite the fact it had nothing except for a plain play button. I can’t really comment on the style except say it presents some holiday cheer with a mixture of comedy. Something I truly like. Voices were very well done, I enjoyed the clarity of it and how they differed from one another to make it seem all the more professional. As for interactivity I’d hate to complain but nowadays a plain play button just doesn’t cut it anymore, not for flash of this length. What you need to do is to install yourself a seek option. That, a menu, quality controls, pause button, volume control, subtitles. All these little nothings are in fact quite important to make the viewer all the more content with your work. It doesn’t matter these are almost all options we will never use; having them is what’s important for us, to know we can activate or use these things. It’s like a safety rope, a safety rope doesn’t mean you can’t climb a mountain or walk a wire, it just means you are prepared for the fact that you may fall. Cheesy metaphor but I think it’s suitable for this time. As for humor, it is a funny flash with lots of little things to get a grin on one’s face. The little Indian, the pilgrim characters, race cars, wheelbarrows and so on. If there is one field this flash is a complete success, its humor. It must have taken plenty of effort to make even though a couple touches in interactivity area, but it was diverse and original enough to keep it from ever being boring and one sided. And in an overall perspective, great job, perfect in a couple things, and some minor flaws on others, no major problems.

Now as I’m so accustomed to do, I’ll specify my views on each of the options separately:

Graphics: 9, Drawings were simple but direct and didn’t effect the enjoyment of the film. Animation was simple but effective. Some parts more detailed than others but it all evens out it quickly, nice work.

Style: 8, If I had to define this beyond the collections of funny cartoons and holiday I would have to say it is a comic parody of thanksgiving, and that is absolutely original in my opinion.

Sound: 9, voices were clear for the most part and the conversation could be easily heard though in some piece near the end as the Indian action figure says something I didn’t quite get it first time off. Maybe to change the speed of speech would help a bit, the rest I kept with but as I mentioned before, if this movie had subtitles or a seek for a little rewind it would have been better in this form.

Violence: 1, Most violent, the “Football game”. Not for the weak ones. <_<

Interactivity: 4, Just as I nagged you before, some additions would have been welcome. Subtitles, to understand what they are saying if your speakers broke, or you want to keep it quiet for whatever reason. Helpful. Seek/Scene select would be nice if I wanted to just see once little scene of the flash one more time, even though it’s a bit short any how. Quality control. For whatever poor sap is watching with a lousy pc.

Humor: 9, The flash’s area of expertise, funny all they way, including the original flash and deleted scene. Funny conversations and demonstration in graphics. Funny idea in general and funny performance of it. Good work.

Overall: 9, An enticing piece of work wit h good animation, good drawings of characters, good comic parody style, clear and pleasant voices, not violent, needs a bit work on interactivity and buttons, funny on so many levels, and generally good. I'd declare this flash as Thanksgiving worthy.