Reviews for "CU-Thanksgiving Special"

Watch out for the gomerian gaurd foot ball player!

And chewy, and C-3P0, and the night rider car.... And the tusken raider, and the indian's baseball player, he-man, and some glatior chick...

That was damn fun right there, 10/10

Great movie - totally educational (I think...)

Great humour and I especiallly love having that deleted scene.
It's a huge bonus when you think its over to have one more thing to look at.

Nice Stash!
P.S. He-man could have had atleast one line.......(boo)
Keep it all up.

fucking hilarius

cant wait to see more


great job


Megagold takes star wars too seriously.
This was great though.
Man look at chewies tash! That is one magestic tash! Thats a wookie tash you look at this tash? I think its sweet!