Reviews for "CU-Thanksgiving Special"

Thank God For Chewbaca

My favorite pilgrim that Parks picked out was the guy from Starwars Ep1 that was trying to assasinate Anakin when he was pod racing for his freedom. This thanksgiving flash rocked. I hope to see another College Unversity episode sometime soon.

goble goble

NO TURKEY HOW COULD U!!!!!!! o well that was great! do 1 for chritmas or halloween sometime man c ya

that's pretty damn good

i can see there was plenty of inspiration from futurama and family guy...which translatest to kickass


I like this history of the first Thanksgiving better taht the real one.

One of the funniest animations I've ever seen!

My God, this was absolutely brilliant! The dialogue between the characters was spot on, and Mike, though he was such an ass, was hilarious. Parks is quite idiotic, but he still was pretty funny, especially when using Kit for the Mayflower. The way that Mike replies to Parks' question of whether he wanted to hear all about "The First Thanksgiving", I thought was the funniest part. It was just so damn funny! The sound was great, and the story was simple. I loved this to bits, and I've watched it several times already. A fantastic effort, very well done.