Reviews for "CU-Thanksgiving Special"

Another great short.

I think I'm liking these shorts moer than the episodes. Because they're smaller, it seems as if more effort -- visually -- was put into them. The deleted scene was hilarious, but I'm glad it wasn't in the actual episode. It would have soiled the fluency of it. Nice feature as a deleted scene. I hope to see one for Christmas and New Year... or one that covers both!


This flash was funny and my favorite part is when chewbacca did the sounds in the end. Btw who really won the war the pilgrims or the indians?


Nice history lesson. But I can't believe my teachers lied to me all these years though! Well, at least your little film has enlightened the way to knowledge!

LOL excellent

*Tusken Sound* "Cut It Out" my favorite part lol

Very Good.

I really like your series....my favourite part is"All systems are go Micheal!" "Shutup, Mayflower!"