Full Metal Sonic

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The Full Metal Alchemist intro transformed into a Sonic intro! Its a weird combination but it works out pretty well. I hope everyone likes it!

A quick note, I am not making this into a series, a lot of reviewers asked me if I was but I'm not. I just wanted to make a cool Sonic intro, lol. I am however making my own Sonic series though called Sonic: Dark Chaos.

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Excellent work. You did an awesome job on recreating the intro to Full Metal Alchemist

This looks good and plays good!

Sonic X's on 4Kids TV
Fullmetal Alchemist's on Adult Swim

to bad you aren't making this into a series i would've loved to see that but its very good otherwise good job

Oh man. Oh man.

I have spent a bit of time trying to find this masterpiece. Trying to find a piece of my childhood, when I used to frequent newgrounds back in the day. I probably visit the site once a month just to see if the UI has changed and then leave. Its crazy how videos like these wouldn't even be allowed to be uploaded nowadays, since Tom Fulp or whoever makes these decisions are very anxious about being sued (trust me, I tried to upload something that wasn't 100% original and it was taken down)

Which is bittersweet, but understandable.

In any case, thank you for bringing a 25 year old dude to a simpler time. Love the animation, and yes - it definitely fits. Anyways I'm off to find other nostalgic stuff, have a good one bro.

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Nov 7, 2005
10:00 PM EST
Music Video