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tsunami (demo)

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This is just a demo verson a game it still needs a bit of tweeking, so if you can give me some positive feed back on how to make it cooler...

UPDATE: I've been working on the official Tsunami and I think if you didn't even like the demo you'll like the official first level, I have made 3d panning, head and torso shots, and have incorperated a health meter, a file viewer, exposives, and first aid kits. It will be up soon.

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Had some decent puzzles and proper amount of reaction time to get the enemies before they killed you. Actually had some story to it, unlike other earlier portal shooters. So all in all, this was a pretty decent demo. Had good graphics for the time, but I couldn't get the load system to work, and I felt that you should be able to ask the scientist to open the door without reading the book first.

Demo is Good.

The Good Shooting Game. Vote 5.


I agree with the guy below it's been a long time since ive seen a good flash with a decent amount of options. you should make a game where we can do almost anything, from being a bum to a terrorist, or even if you want, a super hero or some shit. lol. (be sure to add adult features, it makes everything a lil more fun for some reason.. lol.)


make it so ull be able to do anything even fuck!


dude that was awesome....btw do u happen to know WHEN the second part would come out i really would like to see this as a series...