Reviews for "tsunami (demo)"


hurry and make level 2

Good, but like u said, needs work

Somethings to add, like health bars and more guns would be nice (pick them up and use them temporarily), also, it would be good if u could click the bad guy anywhere to kill them, add some new frags or ways they die, so it doesn't get to boring. Finally, a stronger story line and some better spelling skills, its a 5 out of 5 from there on in.

Things I liked: Graphics, Talking and interacting with people, a thinking element to the game.

Things I hated: Dieing on the first part of the roof becuase even though i was clicking the guys head, he wouldn't die so he shot me first, dammit!

good game

thats was a good fun game but you need to expand on it

This has great potential!

Your stuff could be the next 'Combat Instinct' with the right effort. A few pointers: Make limb and head shots count for something. Make the required reaction time -a little bit- faster, but add a health system too. The helicopter cinematic at the start was good too, but make it skippable. If you have no shortahe of spare time make the perspective of the buildings change too as you pass them. email me if you want to know how.

VERY nice!

that was a pretty sweet game! I beat it, it was pretty challenging, not easy, but i got it.loved it. sound was awesome too, since deftones rule. i gave you a 9 on style, cuz you have to work on the spelling on some parts (tarrorists,steem) thats the only negative thingabout the game, but luckily, it isnt that major. be proud, i have a feeling this ones gonna be in the best portal list of all time.