Reviews for "tsunami (demo)"

It's good but...

I dont get the last part when you press anything on the computer its says error.


this is awesome!!! the sounds, the overall, perfect.
I´ve seen the old version of this game and this is much better. I can´t wait ´till level 2 comes on NG. good job!!!


put all that shit into level 2!!!!! that was better then the full level 1!!!

WHAT THE HELL?!?!?!!?!!!!

the demo is better then the full lvl 1 !!!!! the demo has:

the computer
talking with the terrorist
talking on chopter
the power generator
the jounral

y did he take these things out of lvl 1 ?!?!?! it couldve been a better game!!!!!!!!!!!! put those things back into lvl 1 !!!!!!!!!

Hell yeah!

That is an awesome game! I love the storyline and the plot build up and everything. Of course I had trouble on level three, but that's fine. I'm sure I'll be playing this again. I like the graphics, too. And the music is very fitting. All in all, great work.