Reviews for "tsunami (demo)"


That totaly rocked! It reminds me of half-life a lot, that isn't a bad thing! Make more, your sure to have a winner.

Very well done...

Nice peice of work you have going here guys. The game reminds me of halflife, actually. The music fits really well, and it's just well put togeather.

About the only thing I'd recommend is when you click on the door after traveling through the portal, speed up the tween... it's overdone.

Quite clearly you've spent time on this. Good work.


that game kicks ass, but what do u do at the end??
after the guy crosses thru and ur suck there with the computer?


one major problem.. you put the 'move on' button on the bottom of the screen, then as soon as you press it a bad guy is immediatly shooting you. And one shot and you're dead... soo it's pretty impossible to get anywhere.