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Sonic t. Swordsman Ep.5

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Sonic the Swordsman Ep. 5 "Collisions"


Finally, a new episode of Sonic the Swordsman.
The last time we left Sonic and Sparkster after a hard fight with a Super Mecha Soldier. Both were alive and had no wounds at all! But will Mekkaku Sonikku stay calm and let them live their lifes? This time, Metal vs. Sonic in their first 1 on 1 swords fight!
Expact new StS Action and make sure to visit http://sts.sttproductions.de

*I'm sorry for the HUGE delay, but life got a lot more complicated!*

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A great series, and a nostalgic one from my childhood years spent on NG. I'm honestly disappointed you never got back to at least ending off this series properly. Super sad.

If you're reading this STTWebs, please continue, at least make a finale.

When is out ep.6?

wow 11 years and no ep6 i can understand if making episode is hard for some people but you should at Least let your fans know your quitting making episodes or tell us what's been going on those past 11 years did your pc brake? or something happen in the family? its sad to see good series stop on cliff hanger.

you're right FenraAvalon.
i think he really left ,first i didn't want to say it because i really really like all of his series and i ........
well ...you see awwwww WHAT THE HELL IS THE FUCKING USE OF THIS ?????
i now you can do it c'mon now you're a genius you have done a lot of cool things,the coooolest in the history,the ffsx series, the super mario bros z ,sonic reversal and this but NOW you are being aaahhhh a jerk and an idiot and loser , and by quitting you are failing 10000000 fan and all of them will hate you especially me but please mark my words all of your fans thats over 4 million have been waiting years for your arts yea that's right ART'S cuz u r true artist and they worth 99999999999999 billion dolar in cash so please make more or ask another on etake your place but it will never be the same without you you hear me ? so thanks a lot FOR LETTING US DOWN


Its been over 6 YEARS....what makes you think that he hasn't abandoned it? I'm a fan of the series, but....lets face it, its gone