Reviews for "Sonic t. Swordsman Ep.5"

next one?

when is the next one comeing its been 3 years but anyways really good

Good series

Can't wait for 6.
And as far as the reasons behind Sonic resembling DBZ is Sonic's creators thought if they made Sonic like the 2 best selling items in Japan, it would sell, and Dragon Ball and Star Wars were the two best. Death Egg=Death Star
7 Chaos Emeralds=7 Dragon Balls


All was good til I saw that you usedn Axel as Sparkster's master. You do know that he is an ex-rocket knight, don't you? He is evil. Love the series.

great sieries

about gangsterwithguns's comment, i agree that i8t would be cool if they came back, but HOW would they?I mean, you cant just grab the emeralds and wish for them.That would be way too much a ripp-off of D.B.Z.Speaking of which, ever notice that there are 7 chaos emeralds, and 7 dragon balls?Wierd...and 700 reasons why this is a good sieries.And 7,000,000,000,000,000,000 (seven sex-tilion) reasons why care-bears suck, and (continues talking to himself about the seven planets other than earth...and aliens.You should be worried.Oh, great, now he's putting on a tin foil hat and...making a satellite by the looks of it, with a dog inside...and ...oh, my, god, that is so wrong on so many levels, you dont want to know whats going on.)


This is a great flash And I hope to see 6 soon but I care if others get mad but I must know Well sonic find a way to bring his friends back to life? if not then I'll have to give this a 4 not a 5. sorry but I dont like sonic flashes that kill his friends and not bring them back.