Reviews for "Sonic t. Swordsman Ep.5"

not perfect but doesn't suck either.

1.what i think you should work on is better storylines for the characters.
2.there should be more fight scenes and less talking (even if you have to reach or pass that flash creation limit thingy)
3.instead of semi-childish talking i think the characters should retain their original personalities sega gave them (the other characters or ones for the future i dont care for.)
4.lastly it would be fun if this series could be less bug-filled (space bar pressing should skip to next sentences) or even more interactive than people would expect.

-i feal that is enough constructive criticism that is fair. wouldn't you agree with me about my oppinion though?


but when r u gonna make 6th one?


Dont take 19999 years THAT IS NOT NECCESSARY!

NO, do not put Shadow in...

GREAT! Are you going to make another one at all?

THESE RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this seris is so cool. u should put shadow cause a: he kicks ass b:he rules hard out c: it would be interesting 2 c what would happen if metal tried 2 take his energy cause shadow is auctally partly chaos