Reviews for "Sonic t. Swordsman Ep.5"

I've been waiting so long for this.


u must teach me

please tell me what made think of this idea it ingenuis enough to make me start makin flashes like that i wonder what program do u use to make flashes


Wow!! I love this flash.


Really, this is your best episode yet. Don't rush on Episode 6. Try to make it even better than this! The action is intense, sounds and music are great, LOVE EVERY BIT OF THIS. That part when Sonic transforms to Hyper Sonic, that just gives me the chills...and that's a good thing! Keep up the awesome work! I just wish I could vote higher than a 5, 'cause you deserve it.


This series should be in the first page and stay there forever. I mean, c'mon people...This is so fuckin' much better than Rise of the Mushroom Kingdom, Link's Quest for Ass and all of those...This is one is dramatic, with real action and no pretentious jokes of the "I have to make fun of this game" style. Plus, the animation itself, the way the sprites move, the action sequels, it's all perfect. The music could be a little better, that's true, but it's still a great movie. If I was a Flash artist, I would love to work in the Sonic the Swordman project, I even have some ideas but...Well, nevermind...

Keep up the excellent work. I'm already a big fan.