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LL - The Magical Cup

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LL - The Magical Cup.

Starring WaterLock and CoffeeLock.
Time taken to complete: 2 weeks
Total movie length: 2 minutes 30 seconds

This movie was suppose to be LogLock's Weekend Colab but he scrapped the collab so this became my own solo movie.

Hope you enjoy the movie!

P.S.: If you watch the credits part long enough, you'll be able to watch a blooper!

<3 Lock Legion

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Was a magical cup really worth it? Sucks to be Water.

lol nice movie

the bests parts were

Coffee: I Demand You To Take Me Into A GAY Bar >:(

haha coffee is really gay, lol fag

I luv it!!!!

I hope there will be more from you guys. Poor Water Lock :(

lol that is so funny

one question: if hes made of watter, whouldnt the lazers just go right through him? great flash.


that was funny when water was dodging the lasers, he just WALKED under the last one. speaking of which, is the numa numa alarm available in stores i want to party...... with my house........