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Reviews for "LL - The Magical Cup"

Hah. I love that kind of humor.

Keep it up!

Gregosan responds:

I will. Thanks.


OMG! That was so funny having a numa numa alarm! That was so funny! The graphics are good, Nice work.

Gregosan responds:

the numa numa alarm idea just pop out from mind just liek that. Thanks.


Normally i dont like lock legion movies. Ive been a clock since the days of B. But i will review it fairly. Graphics were good. Keeps in fashion with the clock/lock animating style so good job that you dident chop that up. Your style was ok you added a new story, and have a plot and a solid foundation to build that on. The sound was ok i mean your using the same clock/lock program for the sound it never gets old. i do love the voices they pwn all penors. No violence so thats a zero. There was some funny parts nothing to were im going to bust a gut. You scored higher than some movies that i review now if it had been a clock man perfect ten.
(im not racist i hate everyone equally but love clocks a little bit more)

Gregosan responds:

You should see c.lock movies with human voices..human voices and c/lock movies can't go together (except CloudLock's movie)

You should voye the movie based on it's quality...and not because it's a Lock movie and not a Clock movie >: (

That was great. It made me lol!

The graphics were good, but maybe change the style to a more personal one rather than using the typical lock movie style.

The music used was comedy genius. The Numa Numa alarm cracked me up, and randomly throwing in Gay Bar, excellent.

Gregosan responds:

Thank you very much.


that is realy kool, great job! =)