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Reviews for "LL - The Magical Cup"

How do sunglases let you see lasers?

The music was what really gave the points ere. Plus, i love the coffee bean and the inscriptions on the cub... rather fragile, wasnt it?

Gregosan responds:

Yes you can see lasers with sunglasses IN THE MOVIES. That's what NG is for..duhh.


THis was one of the best flash I have seen. this was awesome

Gregosan responds:

Best? Haha, you haven't see the rest of NG yet. Thanks.

Pretty neat...

I got LL in my name so i checked this out...

Fantastic i can say ^^

Gregosan responds:

LL=Lock Legion.


You are great!! i laughed pretty hard at the numa alarm lol

im goonna check out your other work dude <3!

Gregosan responds:

Thanks!!! LOL.


the LL makes kick ass flashes, you ppl really rock, im sick of look crpay flashes by the Clockcrew, so i think this portal need more good flash from LL

LockLegion : Good quality flash
ClockCrew : Boring gay crapy flash

Gregosan responds:

Thank you.