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Reviews for "LL - The Magical Cup"

Ha! Go locks!

This is what i mean when i talk about the Lock Legions consistancy. They submit many more great submissions than the clocks i think.
Well this was very good, again its one of those things i dont think anyone could really hate.

The graphics were solid as they usually are with you guys. Smooth unique drawings always make for a fun watching experience. The colours were well done, and same with the animation in this case. The animation was smooth just like the drawings. The style if this was pretty good as well. I can usually expect something creative to come from the locks. I dont think i have seen another flash like this before. Your animating style also helps out overall style in a very good way. The sound was good, mostly because of the music, perfect "spy movie" music it was. I always get a kick out of those robotic voices, as long as they arent annoying beyond reason. Humour is also something i can expect from t3h locks. There is always a bit of humour...

Overall a very good job, and im glad i saw this. I almost skipped it because i was rushing to get into something else. Anyways thanks for the few laughs and for the high quality submission! 4/5

Gregosan responds:

BEST REVIEW SO FAR! You have just won yourself a bottle of Uncle WaterLock's Drinkng Water!!!

Thanks, and it's my pleasure to bring joy to everyone.

I've been waiting this for so long, dude!

Actually I love all those flashes done by yours, yeah Waterlock, it's funny and the sound editing was perfect! GOOD JOB, Gregosan ;)

Gregosan responds:

Thank you. :D

you beat clock crew anyday!

yeah you are much better than that clock crew! funny flash!

Gregosan responds:

YAY! I win!

i liked it

I loved the voice for water :) it had some humor in it, It also had pretty good sound. You did a good job keep putting flashes out :)

Gregosan responds:



What voice program did you use?

Gregosan responds: