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CTNE: The Movie

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[Update_1] I have just finished the sequel to this, and I'm currently just fixing up the credits, the menu and bits of animation. Be sure to expect it soon.

A project that I embarked upon about 3 weeks ago and finally finish. And so here it is, Charlie the naked eskimo : the movie.

The whole piont of making this was too dystroy my cartoon character "charlie" but with meaning, but I guess I failed that part =P

If you like it, fine, if you don't like it, fine. Either way its 5 minutes of your favourite naked eskimo, CTNE!


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funny but stupid looking and they are stupid

ok but pretty boring and stupi but obi wan did look funny it was a pointless movie


WTG with the marshmallow??? LOL I can't stop laughing yet!!! Obi... hahahahahaha, the clocks ruled, they where like all evilesh, and with a robotic voice modulator... it was awesome dude

Huh o.o

Wtf? Rip of Madness, Salad Figners, Star Wars, and Foamy the Squirrel. Foamy cos he sounds kinda like that guy who's alsways stalking Germaine and blah. Good thing he's black though. Show's you're either black yourself, or not racist. Don't see alot of things with black chars do we? *pokes the clocks* I hate these. If they were in digital I'd like them better. I cba with analogue

I'm sure the music outside Obi-Wan's hut was ruskie...

Btw, just 1 thing else...



^_^ |,,|_


Thought -Saveliy Saveliy- is teh the true King of Teh -The Cock Cew- and the 1337 Clock Crew !!!


screw those idiots

any one who says the voice sucks, just shut up, it was funny and had great graphics keep it up