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Reviews for "CTNE: The Movie"

Ha ha ha ha!

Great job! Continue these movies with the eskimos. The people who say that the voice sucks are retards. When that Charlie started talking I was laughing so hard.

-Renamon- (a.k.a. -GoldRenamon-)

One MAJOR Problem:

I have just one thing to say:

This may look pretty good in terms of graphics, but when I first heard the voice of Charlie it sounded like a 10 year old on crack who had his face smashed in. It sounded like you were trying to copy salad fingers (very badly). Never try to do that - make your own style that doesn't sound bad. That can determine if a movie is scored high or not. Other than that I'd only say 'good job' or 'work a bit harder to get on the frontpage'.

like a blond....looks good and blows

yeah the graphics kick ass pretty much and the music is good (white stripes is the shit) but that doesn't excuse the fact that this sucked.... you really wasted your time making this shit look good..much like like star wars episode 2 it looked great but i was bored as hell the whole time... even shit that's eye candy has to be at least mildly entertaining...you have talent as a flash artist not a story writer... next time have somebody else write the story and u animate it.... save us all a little time

what the hell dude!

What the fuck did you get lazy or something. that fucking blew balls.


Sorry dude but I really think it's crap...thats all