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Reviews for "CTNE: The Movie"

One-Line Summary

Great. Weird, short ending, but still. Make a sequel?

Eskimoshmo responds:

Maybeh, maybeh not. We'll see. Thanks for the review =P


Hehe Good Job Eskimo, I liked it. By the way I loved the Ending, real original :P

Confusing :S

that was a confusing story ! cause after the war head hits charlies/friends house he becomes a jedii ???? WTf

Ha ha ha ha!

Great job! Continue these movies with the eskimos. The people who say that the voice sucks are retards. When that Charlie started talking I was laughing so hard.

-Renamon- (a.k.a. -GoldRenamon-)

screw those idiots

any one who says the voice sucks, just shut up, it was funny and had great graphics keep it up