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Reviews for "CTNE: The Movie"


Another good flash by Eskimo. Job well done my friend. A sequel would be cool to, like Charlie rises from the dead or something. Thanks for including me in the creds to.

It was pretty good

It seems to me that you took a lot of different people's work and used it. It was ok though. I thought the sound quality was pretty good.

Oh, and the ending was just too stupid. Overall, it was kinda stupid.


Nice the explosion was so obnoxious it was funny.


This is very, very well done. The whole action itself was a bit slow, and there were long pauses in the animation. The sound was pretty good, but it was better at some parts than others. But, the humor itself though tbrought this precious gem up. It was nice to see all the good animation there too. And nice homage to madness with that marshmallow. I've just got one word for this overall; Awesome.

-Unplugged Outlet

Confusing :S

that was a confusing story ! cause after the war head hits charlies/friends house he becomes a jedii ???? WTf