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The goal is not to win, but to get the lowest score possible. You ALWAYS win!

Well, I made this a looooong time ago and finally decided to submit it to NG. 4 different gameplay modes and in-game instructions.

I hope you like it! Remember, www.glaielgames.com has games I never submitted to NG!

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Interesting ideas

The four game modes here are quite different in play style, but essentially boil down to the same basic concept; make your way thru the lkabyrinth to retrieve the golden pyramid in as few moves as possible.

The graphics here are fairly simplistic, but get the job done. The main problem with this game is the lack of variety. Each play type is essentially in the same level playing field. If there was more than one level, possibly with different layouts and configurations, it would instantly increase replayability.

Music here was slightly crackly, not of the best quality, but it perfectly matched up the tone and style of the game with a creepy vibe to it.

The game here is fundamentally sound, it just lacks more variety to make it worthy of repeated playing.

loved it

un like everyone else


it was an ok game...it could have been better

It is actually less than mediocre

and please, mak something less crappy.


music sucked and was low quality, gameplay was alright and random level generator is a bit lame too... but hey! a new idea on newgrouds! and the graphics were so-so.

Credits & Info

3.50 / 5.00

Jun 6, 2005
3:12 PM EDT