Reviews for "Labyrinth"


music sucked and was low quality, gameplay was alright and random level generator is a bit lame too... but hey! a new idea on newgrouds! and the graphics were so-so.

What the!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the very STUPID game that I have played!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

can ne1 beat a score of zero? thought not...

all u hafta do is right click and press play and it gives u a score fo zero

i win

im the best at this game. i got through all of them on the first try....... with a score of about 52. good game, but it takes too much brain capacity to beat it with a low score

I agree with him, the music is annoying

Also, in shift mode, i was stuck right next to the end for over 2 minutes. you might want ot fix that.