Reviews for "Labyrinth"


Good job. That was fun. The music was a bit irritating, but otherwise it was cool. Neat idea.

((( FUN STUFF )))

Pretty fun idea for a game here, but ive seen games like this before which is cool but yours is different and stuff, i like how you always win, and i like the how the game is set up, and the menu at the start is really well put together. This was a lot of fun, so making more would be cool...


highest score - 22

A fairly easy game though. I just kept moving and hitting space, and I'd always win. Nice music tho.
I used to have a board game called Labyrinth...you had to slide the floor and walls to get around. Thanks for reminding me...I'm gonna go find it :)

Glaiel-Gamer responds:

You always win, get the best score now.

Pretty fun

an interesting simple puzzle game


game was ok.. it held my attention