Reviews for "Labyrinth"


First off.. the music is rather annoying... other than that it is an excellent idea for a game. The trapt mode was a really tough one.. the navigate mode was very easy but overall great fun game... even though the music was a little annoying. very fun game to play. great idea!

Kept getting stuck.

I had a major problem with this game. Graphics were good, sound wasnt bad and the concept is awesome, but I kept getting stuck constantly! I had to use the space button was to many times because I got utterly stuck with walls all around me and I got alot of turns used up because of it. Maybe you wanna think about making it so that you cant get boxed in or something? Good idea, but buggy.

Angerman Says:

Alright. This was good game on the first type and the timed one, however the version with the walls changing every time you move was majorly flawed. in it, you usualy are either stuck, and have to click space (takes 5 turns up) or you move one space (into a stuck spot -_-) You might wanna give that one a look-over... :D Well, it was a good game in all, classic music, however it got seriously repetative after listening to it for so long. you should make a button to turn music off (to save us)
Well.. thats it! gl with it! :D

Pretty Good

You can't get much better than this. The music was classic, but Some parts were to hard and alot of the time you got stuck and couldn't move for a long time. You should try more game modes too! It would be extremly cool then.


Can't beat a good maze, considering these were one of the predassesors to videogames but hey let's not get into the whole origins stuff because frankly most people here couldn't give a crap. There was some pretty impressive coding here and thought put into the maze can't say much more then that really.... other then although appropriate the music could be annoying for some...