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I love Final Fantasy so much its such a classic.

**The updated version is in production**
It will be a battle of all the Final Fantasy I bosses (at first just the final boss)
You get to choose your own party of four and the spells and items of FF1 will be included; as well as the scirpt being the same as the true FF1 scirpt.

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Not a lot of depth here, just spam nuke/heal until you win the dice roll essentially? Could be a neat base but with what is presented it gets a two from me.

It's a standard RPG battle, but it lacks strategy as many older portal RPGs do. It's really just left up to chance whether you win, more likely you do than not. The enemy can over damage your heal, or fully heal whenever. If there was more of a pattern to it rather than just rng it'd be a little better.

Besides lacking game play, I thought the graphics were a nice retro throwback, but didn't really fit well with the frames around them. I did enjoy the battle animations.

Too short and simple-minded that it can't add up to much, but this was a decent attempt.

Boring and dull.

lol its very easy.

lol to easy

lol this is so easy i killed him 3 times in 1 min and did not die i just use nuke 2 heal1
then nuked him again and killed him LOL

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2.77 / 5.00

Jul 10, 2001
10:17 PM EDT