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Reviews for "FF 1 RPG"

A good RPG

Its OK but, U need more charachters to fight.
PS:that was cool, u guys kick ass

NMAK responds:

Lol, *quote* "u guys kick ass" ... actually its just one guy, me!

Yes not to worry more charicters will be added and you will be able to make your own party including all the charicters from Final Fantasy 1.

By the way im glad you enjoyed it.

Not much...

It took me a while to figure it out, but I figured it out and won.

Very good Indeed.

It was great, but I hope you back up all those promises u made. :/

NMAK responds:

I will, not to worry!

I plan to make a update of this where you can choose your party before you fight chaos. Then I will submit a new subbmission that will be an FF1 spoof with more to it then just battling.

Im glad you enjoyed it and thanks for your support!

Great Start!!

Whoever cant beat Chaos apparently can't play the game, o and great start i cant wait till the full version!

NMAK responds:

LOL, Thanks for your support!

P.S. My god this game is so over-rated, oh well I dont mind! I made this game long ago and my programming skills have inproved alot, look for an updated version in about a month.


great game.....but how the heck do you beat Chaos?