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Reviews for "FF 1 RPG"

easy and cool

good job i like FF but it isent cuz i like FF im giving you a 10 its cuz the game is a classic


Very cool, how did you get the actionscript to do that?


short,fun and dumb game its fun


well i liked it but really to easy. as the other guy said it could be part of a game and i used the heal spam and got 6700 hp. spam nuke and chaos goes down easy. he really isnt hard, just heal to a lot of HP and spam the Nuke attack. and what do u mean by "nuke," a powerful attack or a nuke, at FF1 there werent nukes and if there were a nuke could kill chaos easy. and a nuke wouldnt do 33 damage lol that happened to me XD


kinda fun...
thnx :P wasn't sure if you could beat him at first because he was using full heal spell...