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UPDATE: I was able to fix most of the problems, for example, I switched the attack button from shift to "z", made a quality button for smoother gameplay, and made the character faster.

I came up with this game as I was working on Total Genocide ep. 2. I say it's pretty decent for my first game, but it's also pretty challenging.

Anyways, your name is Zinc, and you must fight off a fleet of wacky robots in order to save your kingdom. A complete version of this is on the way, with more levels and upgrades, so this will have to do for now.

With this out of the way, maybe I can get back to work on the Total Genocide series. In the mean time, go kick some robot ass!

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Very good

I liked that game, pretty simple and standard but I liked it's feeling, and the music was nice.
To BG, some enemies are actually living bombs and if you're close to them when you kill them they hurt you. Therefore you must try to use the lance from maximum range, it's not a melee weapon, it has a range sufficient for not getting hurt, even if it's not long.
There is one powerup in the game that restores all your HP, drops 2 times.
And there ARE bosses.


correct me if im rong but isnt a lance used to peirce not slash also add a gun, power ups, and make it look not so kiddy it just has the wrong tone to it like make it darker

Quetzalcoatl-88 responds:

Yeah, there was actually a side story to the lance that I never got to tell since this is the prototype game. In the complete version that I'm currently working on right now, Zinc supposely gets the short end of the stick when he is issued a lance that doesn't pierce. Knowing Zinc, he is pretty much the worst Aeroknight in his unit, so he thought he deserved such a crude weapon until he finds out that it actually has the power to manipulate sonic booms from it. I'll stop here, since I don't want to reveal too much of the story, and believe me, the story WILL get darker.

I released this prototype in order to take suggestions about what else the game needs, and as of now my plan worked perfectly, and will have the REAL game coming out as soon as I finish off making the final battle. It's been almost a year, and my masterpiece will finally be done very soon, so be sure to check it out when it's finished.

Good game but it needs a few things

1. Add a gun or a long range weapon because the enemies would hurt me when i used the lance.

2. Add upgrades, do it on a level up basis or have it after you kill a certain enemy, I suggest level up. Some upgrades that would be good are, Life increase, defense increase, weapon increase, attack speed increase.

3. I don't know if you had them but bosses would be a nice touch

Nice... a few suggestions though

I liked it... I think it would be much better though if you changed/addes some things.

1. Lives - Dieing, and then starting alll over again kinda sux

2. Powerups - This would give us an incentive to kill enimies beides raising our score and also would and more depth to the gameplay. ex. new weapons (some sort of shooting weapon, maybe a "laser bow & arrow to keep with the knights theme), health power ups, invulnerability, ect.

3. Fix the lance - Good idea, but the delay makes it tough to kill enemies without taking damage

Good game though - If you made a new version in the future I'll be sure to check it out.


this reminds me of the old days of playing 2d games on my genesis overall this game is pretty fun though there are a few glitches and stuff keep up the good work

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3.86 / 5.00

Mar 25, 2005
4:36 AM EST
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