Reviews for "Aeroknights"

good game

that was a good game... but man was it ever a bitch to hit the enemys man... and the music was kinda cool

((( COOL )))

Notbad, somewhat slow but kept me interested and could be improved but was pleased, hope to see more soon...



I would have liked things to be a tad faster. Like I want to move my robot across the screen faster and the ships should die faster from my lance. Solid flash, though.

I like it.

Especialy the Sonic Adventure Music. But it seems to be well done and full of different occurances as you continue on. Very nice. The only flaw i see is making the attack button shift, sticky keys are annoying. And the fact that you seem to get hurt even if you hit the enemy sometimes.

Change the attack control

If you press shift five times, it goes into 'Stickkeys' or something