Reviews for "Aeroknights"

Great Game

I really like this flash game. It has good graphics and sounds.
Maybe you can add more weapons and some pick-ups.

Kinda bad, nice animation, could be better

You need more...stuff in it. All you do is hit things with your lance. Kinda boring. But yeah, more stuff.

It has potential

Keep on developing that full version of yours.

VERY Important...

Please change the lance button from shift to select. Unless Sticky Keys is turned off, a pop up will show up saying "pressing Shift" 5 times activates StickyKeys. Its annoying and ruins the experience. (note: the 0 for sound is only because my speakers aren't working. Wasn't counted against you)

Nice job...

That was cool man... First game? Awesome i wish i could make em like that. Your right though you need to be able to get upgrades and like earn money to buy em but yeah awaiting the full game :)