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Brunk's PokeMon - Ep.1

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This is part one of my new PokeMon series, in which I battle a broad range of assorted oddities.

In this episode, join our hero Baron von Brunk as he challenges a dastardly dame with glasses!

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It was kind of slow, and your microphone probably isn't the best either. This doesn't quite match up to some of your better flashes, but nonetheless I am satisfied. By the way, you have the best girl voice a guy can make.

loved it

loved all of it, good artwork and since you made the story, you could make a water type learn a fire move since it's your movie not anyone elses


I'm pretty sure I had at least four seisures.

Three from your movie and one from all the whiny bitches complaining that Porygon 2 can't actually learn flamethrower.

Stop whining and go defeat the Elite Four with your rare-candy/steroid-pumped pokemon for the 600th time.

Meh pretty boring.

I didn't even watch the thing half way through. And for the record Porygon 2 can in fact learn Pssychic through a TM. It can't however learn flamethrower.

that was wired

porygon2 cant learn pshcic or flamethrower!