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Reviews for "Brunk's PokeMon - Ep.1"

Good one.

I've always wondered why the hell you can't just wake your Pokemon up without taking up a turn. Oh well. This was good, you are quite skilled.


People can be so stuck up, I loved it, it was funny annd relaxing and refreshing. I read the other reviews because the person before me said they were funny. Well they are not. One kid made no sense and said "DO NOT WATCH" other up tight people said this was bad or that was bad or sue newgrounds flashing lights. They need to relax. Good flash.

hilariously retarded

The brilliance of this film stemmed mainly from its random nature. Awesome. I liked teh responces to the reviews too.


wtf lol heeeeeem nothing to say

It was....okay.

But yeah... like the guy before me said, Porygon2 can learn flamethrower... and just a guess... I bet that kicking your pokemon awake would exacly be allowed in a national pokemon challenge... or some crap.