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Reviews for "Brunk's PokeMon - Ep.1"

i liked it

i thought it was great i don't like or hate pokemon and i just thought you did a good job man keep up the good work :)

also you did a great job drawing Porygon2

von-Brunk responds:

Thanks. Porygons have always been my favorite PokeMon, even before PokeMon came to America. That's why I use them in every episode.

well, it was good, it wasnt the best though

i think you could do better, i mean as the previous guy said, dont choose pokemon, i pesonally have nothing against it, but i know allot of people do.
Also, the nouth thing was annoting, you could see their mouths behind the actualy frame.
But overall, i was ok.

von-Brunk responds:

This was my first cartoon using lip-synch. It's a very stressful process.


well for one; make up your own for the series, and don't use pokemon coz pokemon sucks and you'll get sued.

The graphics aren't that good, you used pictures for most of it.


von-Brunk responds:

What the hell are you talking about? The only things I didn't draw were the obvious backgrounds in some scenes, you dolt. I hand drew all of the PokeMon. I barely used any imported pics.

Not too shabby

Well, I will say this, it was pretty good. Animations a little choppy, but overall nicely done. I'm not sure if I'll watch episode two, I'll prolly giv it a shot, but if it isn't any better than this one, I'll prolly stop watchin thje series.

von-Brunk responds:

Episode 2 is already finished, but it needs the final touches. According to my friends, they think episode 2 is a lot better, since it's longer and actually has a plot.

Not too shabby.

Now, for someone who does not like pokemon, it takes a bit to get them to crack a smile at something like this. I am like that as well. I was able to enjoy this. The odd intro music was entertaining.

Was it me, or does Dr. Anus look like Adolf Hitler?

von-Brunk responds:

One day I drew a picture of my friend Mike (the guy who played the voice of Dr. Anus), but I messed up, so I drew him with black hair and a Hitler moustache, and we called him "Dr. Anus". When I made this episode, Mike agreed to play the voice.