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Reviews for "Brunk's PokeMon - Ep.1"

good but...

Porygon2 can't learn flamethrower.

von-Brunk responds:

Mine can. My Porygon2 can also swear and eat Chef Boyardee foods.


What a shity movie!
I can't believe it got rated so high.
It sucks bad.

Are you for real?

What a self-promoting piece of crap! what was the point in that, do you feel that seeing a cartoon version of yourself beating yourself makes up for your failings in life? senseless profanities (they can be funny if used in context), and no reason for the activities in the flash mean a wasted five minutes (10 if you include writing this). In conclusion, DO NOT WATCH

i loved it

what is wrong with Lishy_Mury jese just because theres a little flashing and no warning doesnt make it a crappy flash

A warning suggestion

Since you used some flashing from electryke soldier proygon I think you should put a warning about the flashing in this flash, yoou dont want newgrounds to get sued cuase they dont have a warning(that means I cant watch the funny sonic flash movies)