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Sinjid: SotW

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A combat-driven RPG where you play as Sinjid the ninja. There are many items and skills to use on your way in reaching the Dark Portal, where you will find hard challenging bosses.

Have fun!

- Krin

PS: Check out Sonny! It's done!

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The game was great but the newgrounds player just shows the same thing as when you try to play any other flash game - a white screen with the flash logo. Could you fix that?

Been coming back to this game since I was a kid, sharing dial-up to play a flash game with my brother at our dad's computer.
Loved it back then, love it now! Though nowadays, this is a game I like to return to after a few drinks before bed ;) Cheers, all! To a timeless game!

Came back to this game after 10 years, found the most broken build in 10 minutes and easily beat the shit out of all the portals no sweat. Pretty different experience than i had as a kid playing this, not being able to clear the human portal.

The build I found to be most op is to go warrior and dump all points into hp, for skills rush heal and mana bomb, get 2 points each in heal and charge then max mana bomb, the rest goes in to charge. Have fun blasting all the mobs away.

I use to love playing this as a kid around age 8 or 9 I don't really know exactly but this game was super entertaining when I finished homework and was at my grandparents house using the internet for the first time ever to game. Such nostalgic this game brings. I'm also glad that there are other people that have enjoyed this game even to this day.

Thanks for posting this game! I love Sinjid!