Peoplemation: Spin

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[update 9.25.05] I've just updated the file with a video capture that is much cleaner.

You've heard of animation... you've heard of claymation... but now Dustball and gel bring you a Peoplemation. The file size is large, but it will be worth the wait! This movie was animated in 2001, and stars gel, and is directed by me, Dustball, with my very FIRST attempt at composing music for a movie. Enjoy!


is it just me...

this is nothing new...this is how movies were made in the very beginning.
Pretty cool though u got a 3.

Dustball responds:

It is? That's news to me! This movie is animated. That is, every single frame you see is a still shot, much like a drawn animation, only instead of one drawing for each frame, it's one new pose for each frame. And yes, that's how all motion pictures are played back, but they are also filmed in real time. With this movie, we posed our bodies and the fans (very tediously), in a new position for each new frame. That means gel had to sit there in the chair for hours, scooting forward just a little bit each time, just to create a few seconds that appear as if he's moving. He was in charge of his moving his body and I was in charge of moving anything else. It was actually quite a challenge to create something commonplace like walking, because he had to carefully keep track of his movements, changing only a tiny bit over a long period of time. But I would love to see some movies from the 1900s that employed these techniques!

Nice to see a new style on Newgrounds!

I like it.
The Graphics score I gave, is my opinion of the filming, you done a great job on it and it was clear to see, I liked how how the little fan pretended to talk.
The sound was quite good, I like how you syncronised the sound with what was happening with the movie.
The style was good, I liked the cartoonish filming.
And of course, it was very humourous, like when the man (you?) switches the fan to high.
Good Work.


i gave u a 3 because i did not understand the massage of this flash..
but that must have been hard work!!

Dustball responds:

That suprises me because many, many animations I see on NG have absolutely no "message", but our animation tells a pretty fluid story. I guess you can't please them all. Thanks, anyway!

this is good!

wow this must really tooken u a long time just to do this what.....5 min flash? oh well neways im gonna give u a five for ur hard work. and ur originality( i guess)


I'm impressed. I've never seen stop motion and live action mixed so well before.

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4.14 / 5.00

May 22, 2004
2:48 AM EDT
Comedy - Original
  • Daily Feature May 23, 2004
  • Weekly 5th Place May 25, 2004