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Peoplemation: Spin

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[update 9.25.05] I've just updated the file with a video capture that is much cleaner.

You've heard of animation... you've heard of claymation... but now Dustball and gel bring you a Peoplemation. The file size is large, but it will be worth the wait! This movie was animated in 2001, and stars gel, and is directed by me, Dustball, with my very FIRST attempt at composing music for a movie. Enjoy!

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★★★★★ +★ (For amazing)
The gesture and camera movements reminded me to the movie "The Villainess".

Wish it could have been bigger -- crazy story, this was soooo fun to watch! :D

I didn't like how the picture was so small. It was still a well done film. I really liked how you could control what time you watched it. It's rare there were features like that. Hopefully, this won't use the new format. The music was pretty nice.

I liked how it was done entirely in stop motion. That's not quite the same as Claymation. This is just a fun little thing. It's kind of weird though. Fans are nice.


The song was really cute, the movie was very touching (in a bizarre way) it's too bad it isnt bigger and better quality... I liked it a lot!!

hey...hey you!! nice animation

wheeee more fun animation but the guys who voted sixes you idioots its very good