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Shinji-san, a chinese man learns an important life lesson.

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....somehow it screams katamari but in a artistic

i like it. i had to play it a second time because my mouse ran over one of the animations and it said somethin so i was kinda occupied by that the second time but all in all i like it

chuck norris

maybe im too full of myself, but i hate it when surrealism is referred to as a "crazy acid ganja trip fuck genius omg!" its a widly used aknowledged genre of art, and to that it is referring..

and believe me, when your on acid anything is the statement above


I didint really like it i understand artistic and all but this looked like a crazy dream people use to have when they smoke too much pot XD

P.S I dont know what you're on but give me some :p


drug is bad you know that ??????

This is the most intense acid trip... Ever

Yea.... Man it was pretty intense, I gotta admit that it was pretty artistic, and completely unrelated to anything I've seen up to date. Nicely done, honestly man. If you roll your mouse over some of the random objects, I.E. the fish that yodels, it says pretty funny stuff, watch the vid again, and roll your mouse over stuff. Not everything says something, but a good protion does.

A few areas you could improve on, try to make it look like the people don't look like cavemen. Other then that, nicely done man.

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3.71 / 5.00

May 17, 2004
3:26 PM EDT