Reviews for "Shinji-san"


the most random thing i've ever seen on NG

what the hell

how high are u two reasons one yes i understand how art can be creative but this just didnt make any sense at all man and second when u use terms like san that is what the japanese use not the chinese how the hell this got front page is beyond me but i will tell you this though you do have great skills when it comes to flash but you might not want to put artistic stuff here because too many people wont get it


I'm sure you've heard this a million times, since it seems you've released the vid in 2004: the suffix -san is Japanese, and you called Shinji Chinese. Oops. : /

Otherwise, a trippy, funny vid that I would have otherwise missed...if not for the grand April Fools joke that Newgrounds has unleashed upon us.

lol wut?

i have seem some strange things in my time and i know its april fools but what the hell...

oh dear...

you do know that you have just portrayed a japanese man and called him Chinese didn't you?

and "san" used in "shinji-san" is japanese too...so no worming out of this one.
I'd suggest you actually do your research first. This is quite the blunder.

Other than that, the flash was creative slightly on the trippy side, and dats cool.