Reviews for "Shinji-san"

And this is why you shouldn't do drugs.

It was weird, yet pretty nicely made, I'd rather see it as an artform than an actual story with meaning, 'sides being full of yourself.


What is with all the chinese videos what happend to newgrounds!!! this website is going to crap because of china I hope this is a april fools joke.


I find it difficult to animate while on acid but you really seemed to pull it off.

That's funny...

Someone sent me the .swf of this flash a few months ago, and I've had it on my desktop all that time. What took so long to delivery it to NG?

Ah well. I liked it a lot anyway. Favourite line: "You are full of yourself! *Shakes lots of little Shinjis out*"

Epic flash, good sir!

>+> im going to get some pot

XD wow this is odd and yet i like it