Reviews for "Shinji-san"


Reminded me of Alice in Wonderland.


That was mighty strange--reminded me of that 2d animated Beatles movie...anyway...question: why is it called Shinji-san, when the suffix 'san' is a Japanese term to politely address someone? I thought the guy was Chinese...

ALMOST perfect!

Makes no sense, but very enthralling nevertheless. Some parts of the animation are amazingly well made, but other (major) parts look to me like they require more polish; an example is Shinji-San's face, which looked to me like it was drawn by an amateur.

This really contrasts with the fine work in the rest of the film, not just in the art but also in the sound (perfect!) and in the ideas (some really cool stuff in there).

Pure Genious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've never encountered such a great mind as yours, this mae me think about cartoons they made back in the 70's... really psychadelic...
I like this a lot... I hope you'll make more!

excellent work!

now I seriously want some of that shit you were taking tho brotha thats some trippy shit!

Tis like a Meditational trip I like... but dont forget Shinji-San must have been renamed in japan... only there would one achieve the name Mr.Shinji